Sunday, July 17, 2011

Resolved a couple things.

I forgot to post last week that i made up with my therapist.  It was so foreign to me that she wanted to make things right between us.  I was just starting this manic episode when this all happened, and I didn't exactly approach things in an even toned assertive way, but she said she heard the hurt in my voice and wanted to talk.  I went in and we talked, and it's all better now.  She's on vacation right now, and i'm anxious for her to get back!

Brian took the girls' friend home yesterday and I had a talk with the them and they appologised to one another and I hope things are OK.  They seem to be back to normal for now.  That girl doesn't have anyone good to take care of her and it breaks my heart, and i want to just take care of her.  But, I am just in no emotional condition to take on the extra responsibility.   I don't think my girls are either - they just don't even know how to deal with all of that conflict.  In a way i'm proud of how my daughters have turned out... Yeah, we have to work on conflict resolution - who doesn't?  But, they don't know how to deel with it because they don't have to deel with it, and for that - I am proud. 

All that we've been through (and it's been a lot - i'm sure things will come out later on in this blog) and with me trying to deel with bi-polar and physical pain, and my past... and my children don't have to deel with conflict.  *high five* ;)

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