Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm thinking about moving to Wausau

Maybe moving there over winterim.  I have fears about it, but mostly just want to go.  I don't know though - there's pro's and cons.

  • I'd be closer to school -less time, wear on my car, etc.
  • the kids aren't doing well in school here - none of them.
  • No guarantee they'd do better there, but there's a chance
  • We'd be moved before it was getting close to time for my surgery
  • The boys and girls club there doesn't take 1st graders so I don't know what i'd do with him.
  • I'm in a lease here
  • i'm worried about mold in the older houses that i could aford to rent.  Collin & I have asthma.
  • This place is new
  • How am *I* going to move all this stuff???
I guess I mostly feel too tired to move?  How sad. :(

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